Pedro Salvador and Aloísio Monteiro: The Racing Factory duo to attack the Porsche Sprint Challenge Iberica

  • The team based on S. Paio de Oleiros chose the new Porsche Sprint Challenge Ibérica for its debut in international racing;
  • This is the key word that best defines the The Racing Factory facing motto the new “battle front”.
  • Pedro Salvador and Aloísio Monteiro will be driving two new Porsche 991.2 GT3 CUPs.


It will be at the new Porsche Sprint Challenge Ibérica 2023 that The Racing Factory will make its debut in racing competitions, adding another Motorsport modality to its competitive portfolio.

This “jump” to racing competitions embodies “the strategic concept that we approved and that we are implementing. The project was about to start last season, but the war situation and the necessary economic restraint forced us to postpone our entry into the sport until this year”, stresses Aloísio Monteiro, CEO of TRF.

For the head of the team, the choice of the Porsche Sprint Challenge Ibérica is given “because it is an international competition with the brand’s official seal and because we have followed with interest the successful development that the GT3 Cup, organized by P21, had in the previous two years. However, we have not set aside our program to be extended to other competitions, in case projects that we consider interesting appear”.

And the entry is made with all ambition. The “factory of champions” will enter two new Porsche 991.2 GT3 Cups that will have the “boss” Aloísio Monteiro and Pedro Salvador at the controls.

Salvador needs no introduction. He’s one of the most successful portuguse drivers of the last two decades, with more than a dozen titles won in Racing​ ​and Hill Clim championships, having, in 2022, won the two races of the GT3 Cup final event program, in Estoril, season in which he recorded victories in several modalities.

For Pedro Salvador, signing for TRF to be in the Porsche Sprint Challenge “is an honor. It was an invitation that came from Aloísio and that I couldn’t refuse, especially knowing the parchments that the team has. It’s a winning structure and, obviously, that gives me a lot of responsibility. I am also very happy to be back up to racing and, particularly, with a brand and a car that I really like”.

As for the expectations for the competitive program that is about to start, Salvador assumes that “even though it is a new adventure for the team, I could only face this challenge with a lot of ambition. The Racing Factory’s professionalism and the way I always look at racing requires me to fight for the best results, doing everything to reply to their confidence with successes”.

Aloísio Monteiro is on the same tune:

“I think that having Pedro Salvador in the structure will be an added value for all of us, as his long experience and his track record will help TRF to get up to speed. In addition to the fabulous driver that he is, he will help us to get to know the environment and learn how to do well at speed. I am also particularly looking forward to taking advantage of his long experience to help me evolve as a speed rider. I am very grateful to Pedro for having accepted our challenge”.

For Portimão, Aloísio Monteiro has clear ambitions, assuming that “my personal objective is to race, learn and do everything to finish the two races, without pressure for results. As for Pedro, I hope he will give us the 1st TRF victory in the competition and, if possible, a double victory!”.

The new Iberian competition made official by the Stuttgart manufacturer, succeeds the GT3 Cup and will admit the Porsche 997.2 GT3 Cup and 911.1 GT3 Cup, as well as the 991.2 GT3 Cup.

Each round will have two Free Practice sessions and two Qualifying sessions lasting 30 minutes, preceding two races, which will last 28 minutes + 1 lap.

The calendar will include 6 dates, starting from the weekend of April 14th to 16th, in the Algarve, within the program of WEC (World Endurance Endurance) support races, advancing in the following two months to Spain, with the Motorland Aragón races, in May, and Navarra, in June. In July, the journey to Estoril will follow, before the final stretch, planned for Jerez de La Frontera, in September and the closing, in October, at the Valencia circuit. It is likely that a seventh race will be added to the current calendar.

Provisional Calendar
14/16 April Portimão
27/28 May Motorland (Spain)
24/25 June Navarra (Spain)
29/30 July Estoril
23/24 September Jerez de La Frontera (Spain)
21/22 October Valencia (Spain)



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