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In just 4 years we have conquered two national championship in 4wd, one in 2wd, two regional titles in Madeira Island and a 2 nd place overall in one of our first ERC runs. We have what it takes to dominate, and we keep developing our skills!

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FABIA Rally2 evo, set off on the rally stages in 2019, having completed thousands of test kilometres on gravel, asphalt, snow and ice. The aim was to develop a car that could take the capabilities of its respected predecessor even further. Within four years, it had won three world championship titles, hundreds of victories in competitions on every continent and had become the world’s most successful rally car in its class.

This car is powered by a redesigned 1.6-litre engine that offers more power, more efficient cooling and lubrication and faster electronics than its predecessor. The gearbox has been adapted for this, while at the same time extending its service life. The entire body has been reinforced and the chassis has been given longer suspension travel for more grip in extreme conditions.

our cars


Peugeot 208 Rally4 is the latest addition to Peugeot Sport successful front wheel drive history in rally. Fast, reliable and easy to drive, Peugeot 208 Rally4 already satisfies teams and drivers.



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The Racing Factory to debut in WRC2

The Racing Factory, an emerging and innovative team in the world of motorsport, will make its debut in the challenging World Rally Championship (WRC2) by taking part in the historic Rallye Monte-Carlo from January 25th to the 28th.

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